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Greenwood Historic Churches Tour


Discover Greenwood's most beautiful and historical churches.

1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Absolutely Free!

The tour of historic churches in and around Greenwood is back! Churches on this year's tour are rich in history. One building dates back to 1860, another to 1890. You'll find a hand crafted wooden Communion Table in the shape of the cross which is the only one of its kind in South Carolina. You will see how stained glass windows tell stories from the Bible in unique ways. The craftsmanship in many of the sanctuaries and facilities is tremendous and adds uniqueness to each church. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! 

Mountain Creek Baptist Church
108 Mountain Creek Road
Kirksey Community
Mountain Creek Baptist Church was established in 1798 and still occupies the third building
which was built in the 1890's. There have been only minor changes to the sanctuary in the past 150 years, and everyone who sees it for the first time are in awe of the feeling of simplicity and reverence.

Tranquil United Methodist Church
1702 McCormick Highway
Tranquil United Methodist Church was begun about 1820, under a brush arbor.  The first structure was a plain log house replaced later by a frame structure.  The present sanctuary was build in 1971. Tranquil has been called the birthplace of Greenwood Methodism.  We are known for our flags.  On patriotic holidays our drive is lined with over a hundred large American flags.  Our goal through the years has been to share the peace and love of Christ.

Rock Presbyterian Church
122 Rock Church Rd NW
First known as Rocky Creek Presbyterian Church, Rock Presbyterian Church as we know it today, was formed by missionary ministers from the Synod of New York and Philadelphia in 1770. Rock Presbyterian is known as the “Mother of Churches” as it had help start and organize churches in Ninety Six, Greenwood (First Presbyterian), Cokesbury and Coronaca. On the present grounds, the first house of worship was built of logs and used a broad flat- rock as a foundation and floor. This log church was replaced by a larger clapboard sided structure in 1815 and served as the sanctuary and classrooms until it tragically burned to the ground in 1959. Services were held in the old Quarry School, acquired earlier, until the present sanctuary was dedicated in 1959.

Ninety Six Presbyterian Church
120 Cambridge St North
Ninety Six    
There have been three Ninety Six Presbyterian Churches in Ninety Six, dating back to 1774. The present church, the third location, was built in 1860 as a frame building. Following a tornado in 1944, with much structural damage, the building was repaired and brick veneer added.

First Baptist Church
722 Grace Street
The sanctuary of Greenwood First Baptist Church is noteable for both its beauty and its thoughtful design. The focal point of the sanctuary is clearly the large cross which hangs over the divided chancel. The gallery (balcony) features a smaller but more ornate Celtic cross, insuring that worshippers can see the cross from anywhere in the sanctuary. The hand-crafted wooden Communion Table, also in the shape of the cross, is the only one of its kind in South Carolina.

First Presbyterian Church
108 W Cambridge Ave
First Presbyterian Church first met in the Presbyterian High School Building in Greenwood in 1850. As the population grew in Greenwood, the congregation did as well. In 1899 the building now used as a fellowship hall was build, followed by the education wing in 1924. A tour of these buildings on the same floor would show the original stained glass windows, Wood ceiling and intricate woodwork.


Main Street United Methodist Church
211 Main St North
GreenwoodThe year 2018 is a significant year in the history of Main Street United Methodist Church
because it will celebrate the 100th year of worshiping in its Sanctuary. The first worship service was held on November 16, 1918. The celebration will take place November 11th with Bishop Jonathan Holstein conducting the service in the format of the original service.

Founded in 1858, this historic church saw several different early structures before building its current Sanctuary with its huge stained glass window of Jesus questioning the Rabbis in the Jerusalem Temple when he was 12.

Connie Maxwell Baptist Church
215 Terrell Smith Ave
The original frame structure used for a church on the campus of Connie Maxwell Children’s Home was built in 1893 to primarily house the Connie Maxwell School. After the 1962 decision of the Board of Trustees to relocate the church building, groundbreaking exercises were held October 11, 1964. The cornerstone was laid July 11, 1965. The first service was held on May 22, 1966, the 74th anniversary of Connie Maxwell Children’s Home. The ten  nave faceted stained glass windows, the highlight of the current church’s beauty, are a gift of the alumni.

The Church of the Resurrection Episcopal
700 Main St South
Our church was built in 1935 and is the third church building used by Resurrection in Greenwood. It was designed by noted Greenwood architect James Hemphill, who designed homes, schools, and other public buildings across the Carolinas. He used the Church of the Cross in Stateburg as his inspiration. The church is a simple neo-Gothic structure with thick masonry walls and hammer beam trusses. It seats 180 persons. The newest improvement to it is a Marshall and Ogletree digital organ. The parish has about 450 members and lively ministry.